The China Study

Just short of one hundred years ago, the Lord gave us this plain instruction regarding diet: “It is a mistake to suppose that muscular strength depends on the use of animal food. The needs of the system can be better supplied, and more vigorous health can be enjoyed, without its use. The grains, with fruits, nuts, and vegetables, contain all the nutritive properties necessary to make good blood. These elements are not so well or so fully supplied by a flesh diet. Had the use of flesh been essential to health and strength, animal food would have been included in the diet appointed man in the beginning.” The Ministry of Healing, 316. Now we see that science is catching up with Inspiration. In 1983 Dr. T. Colin Campbell surveyed 6,500 adults who were living in rural Chinese villages. In this survey he collected 367 items of information regarding each person's diet, lifestyle, and cause of death. 1 This “China Study,” along with the follow-up study in 1989-1990, is probably the most comprehensive, large-scale human study ever done of the connections between diet, lifestyle, and disease. In the United States , cancer and heart disease are common throughout the country. In China , some areas have no cancer or heart disease; in other areas, they reflect up to a 100-fold increase. Most Americans eat an animal-based diet, whereas diets in China range from animal-based to entirely plant-based, depending on the location. China's wide localized variations in diet and disease provide an ideal study basis leading to very reliable data and conclusions.

Paul Harvey Riddle

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